QLIFE FIT test is a test kit that enables the creation of a genetic nutrition profile. Swab samples taken from the mouth are tested and analysed. Based on the result reports, an appropriate nutrition plan is determined according to the person’s genetic structure.

What is the purpose of QLIFE FIT TEST?

The purpose of the QLIFE FIT test is to determine the necessary nutrition and diet type for a healthy lifestyle. Preventive and protective treatments are particularly important for dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Poor eating habits in a person’s youth and adulthood can invite Alzheimer’s disease. However, healthy eating does not mean uncontrolled diets.

Uncontrolled diets can also harm a person’s overall health and lead to long-term illnesses. Therefore, analysing genetic structure and determining a personalized nutrition plan based on the person’s overall health status is necessary. QLIFE FIT test is a scientific study that determines a personalized nutrition plan for an individual.

QLIFE FIT Test Content

1Caffeine MetabolismFast Metabolism / Slow MetabolismCYP1A2
2Salt MetabolismTypical (Be Balanced) / Increased Risk (Consume in Moderation)ACE
3Lactose IntoleranceIncreased Risk / TypicalMCM6
4Obesity RiskHigh Risk / Average Risk / Low RiskFTO
5Gluten SensitivityHigh Risk / Average Risk / Low RiskHLA-DQ2/HLA-DQ8
6B6 Vitamin RiskIncreased Risk / Typical (Be Balanced)NBPF3
7B12 Vitamin RiskIncreased Risk / Typical (Be Balanced)FUT2
8D Vitamin RiskIncreased Risk / Typical (Be Balanced)GC
9B9 (Folic Acid) Vitamin RiskIncreased Risk / Typical (Be Balanced)MHFTR
10Omega 3 – Omega 6 RiskIncreased Risk / Typical (Be Balanced)FDS1
11Suitable Diet TypeMediterranean Diet / Low Fat Diet / Balanced DietFTO/APOA2/APOA5<br>UB3B/FDS1
12Suitable Exercise TypeAdvanced Muscle Strength / Low Muscle StrengthACTN3

How to apply QLIFE FIT Test?

A swab sample is taken using the tool included in the kit. Pressing the tool on each side of the cheek for 20 times is enough to take the sample.


Sample Collection

A swab is taken from the inside of the cheek using the apparatus in the kit.


The DNA obtained from the swab is analysed by the laboratory and the results are finalized.

Result Report

The result report is evaluated with the help of a specialist doctor. If necessary, preventive and protective treatment methods are consulted with a specialist doctor.

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When will the test results come out?

Tests are finalized between 14 and 21 days.

Is all DNA tested?

No. Only the genes included in the test content are tested.

Who can have the tests?

It can be applied to individuals over 18 years of age regardless of their health status.

Do I need to repeat the tests?

The DNA content does not change throughout human life, so the test results do not vary over time. It is sufficient to have the test done once in your lifetime.

What should be considered before the test is taken?

Can test results be shared with someone other than me?

Only the individual who had the test or their parent can obtain information about the results. The results are never shared with second or third parties.