Specialist Clinic Gerontopsychiatrist Mefkure Ulker

Uzman Klinik Gerontopsikiyatrist Mefküre Ülker

Born in 1978, Mefküre ÜLKER was born in Germany and completed her high school and university education in Germany. Between 1995-1998, she received nursing training at Cologne Holweide State Hospital.

ÜLKER, who completed his undergraduate degree in Medical Economics at Rheinische Fachhochschule in Cologne between 2013 and 2016, focused on this field after his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and completed his master’s degree in neuropsychological testing procedures and neuropsychological rehabilitation in Gerontopsychology at Chemnitz Technical University.

During her nursing years, she specialized in Geriatric-Psychiatric Care at the Care and Health Academy in Bonn. She received the Dementia-Balance-Model Specialist training, which was found and applied by Ms. Barbara Klee-Reiter, who is known in Germany, in 2018. Located in Stuttgart in 2019, Dr.Med. She received the title of Specialist Therapist for Cognitive Education at the Franziska Stengel Cognitive Training Academy. She has also received an Intercultural Instructor certificate from the IKUD-Seminar Group of Companies headquartered in Göttingen.

Ülker founded the Turkish Alzheimer’s Association in Cologne, Germany in 2017.

She is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. ÜLKER, who has been working for many years, continues to provide training and seminars on Geronto Psychiatric counseling services, companionship and training in the field of dementia. She continues these studies both in Germany and Turkey.

Areas of expertise;

  • Geronto Psychiatric care and care counseling in dementia and dementia types
  • Neuropsychological assessment, dementia and differential diagnosis
  • Cognitive activity and studies for neurodegenerative patients
  • Psychosocial support for caregivers
  • cognitive therapies