What is QLIFE CHECK-UP Test?

QLIFE check-up test is a health screening test that allows the prediction of diseases that you may encounter due to your genetic structure. In this test kit, a swab sample is taken from inside the cheek and analysed, and a result report is produced.

Thanks to this test, diseases that you are genetically predisposed to can be scientifically detected. However, the report does not necessarily mean that you will definitely develop these diseases. The report helps you to know that you are in the risk group. Based on this information, you can shape your lifestyle and eating habits and seek preventive and protective treatment methods.

What Does QLIFE CHECK-UP Test Do?

QLIFE check-up test is performed to measure the predisposition to Alzheimer’s, ALS, asthma, hypertension, peripheral artery disease, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, obesity, osteoarthritis, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

It is important, especially in progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s, for individuals to know that they are in the risk group through scientific methods. This way, individuals can organize their lives according to this information. They may need to make adjustments in their career, social life, nutrition, and housing areas. Making these adjustments at an early age and applying preventive and protective treatments under the supervision of a specialist doctor can affect the health status and quality of life in the elderly period.


1Alzheimer’s disease, Late onset Alzheimer’s diseaseIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskAPOE
2ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)Increased Risk / Average RiskDPP6
3AsthmaIncreased Risk / Average RiskIL1RL1 / ORMDL3
4HypertensionIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskBCAT1
5Peripheral Artery DiseaseIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskCHRNA3
6Coronary Artery DiseaseIncreased Risk / Average RiskIntergenic_9p21<br>MTHFD1L
7Atrial FibrillationIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskPITX2
8Myocardial InfarctionIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskIntergenic_21q22<br>MIA3
9ObesityHigh Risk / Average Risk / Low RiskFTO
10OsteoarthritisIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskPTGS2 / GDF5
11GlaucomaIncreased Risk / Average RiskLOXL1
12Macular DegenerationIncreased Risk / Above Average Risk / Average RiskARMS2

How is the QLIFE CHECK-UP test administered?

A swab is taken from the inside of the cheek for the test. An apparatus in the kit is used to take the swab. It is sufficient to press the apparatus 20 times on each side of your cheek.


Sample Collection

A swab is taken from the inside of the cheek using the apparatus in the kit.


The DNA obtained from the swab is analysed by the laboratory and the results are finalized.

Result Report

The result report is evaluated with the help of a specialist doctor. If necessary, preventive and protective treatment methods are consulted with a specialist doctor.

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When will the test results come out?

Tests are finalized between 14 and 21 days.

Is all DNA tested?

No. Only the genes included in the test content are tested.

Who can have the tests?

It can be applied to individuals over 18 years of age regardless of their health status.

Do I need to repeat the tests?

The DNA content does not change throughout human life, so the test results do not vary over time. It is sufficient to have the test done once in your lifetime.

What should be considered before the test is taken?

Can test results be shared with someone other than me?

Only the individual who had the test or their parent can obtain information about the results. The results are never shared with second or third parties.