Nutritionist Beyza Tağraf

Nutritionist Specialist Beyza Tağraf completed the Nutrition and Dietetics Training of Istanbul Medipol University between 2017-2021. After two years after graduation, Biruni Hospital, Ataköy Hospital, after serving in institutions such as Alzheimer’s disease attracted the attention of this area. In 2012, the “Recode” protocol, which was started in California for the purpose of treatment of Alzheimer, has achieved successful results in more than 100 patients, serving patients in Neuro Up Clinic as the first practitioner in Turkey.

  • Nutrition in Alzheimer’s patients
  • Alzheimer’s Preventive Nutrition
  • Nutrition in bariatric surgery
  • Nutrition in metabolic diseases
  • Weight Control
  • Functional Medicine Dietitian, are the interests of the