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Migraine pain, which is frequently encountered in daily life, is a neurological disease that manifests itself as a result of fatigue and stress and continues in attacks.

When the diseases that affect people’s daily lives are listed, migraine has risen to the 2nd rank. Although it does not appear at a certain age, it usually manifests itself with adolescence and begins to decrease at the beginning of the 40s.

In women, on the other hand, it decreases with the menopause period together with hormonal changes. If the incidence is 8 or more per month, it is diagnosed as chronic migraine. The chemicals that cause pain in the meninges are the biggest triggers.

What is Migraine?

Migraine can be genetic that manifests itself in attacks, on the other hand, it is a neurological disease with a length of 4 to 72 hours that surrounds the entire head due to stress. Although the exact reason is unknown, even if drug treatment is taken, a clear recovery period cannot be given with a personal recovery period.

It is a type of headache that occurs as a result of changes in blood vessels. It was found to be more common in women than in men. It is a squeezing type of pain that affects the flow of life and is thought to be caused by a disorder in the pain system in the brain.

The most common type of migraine, called tension, is caused by fatigue, fatigue and stress. Among the causes of the tension type are the difficulties in daily life.

Migren Tedavisi İstanbul

What are the Causes of Migraine?

Although the exact cause of migraine is not known, genetic factors are effective. The incidence in family members and close relatives shows that the individual is at risk up to 3 times. In addition to chronic predisposition, there are factors that cause attacks to occur, including internal and external factors.

Although these factors may vary from person to person, generally air change, cigarette smoke, exposure to stressful environments, perfume and similar odors, and unbalanced eating frequency can affect attacks.

In some people, food can cause sensitivity and a close association with migraine can be established. Many choices can be triggers, such as salty processed food choices, seafood, tea and coffee consumption, and the sweetener aspartame.

Since there is no general rule, one should know his/her own sensitivities, pay attention to himself/herself during food intake and draw a path for himself/herself accordingly.

Hormonal changes in women during menstrual periods and the anxiety, fatigue and feeling of weakness that occur with pain can be counted among the causes of migraine.

Physical exertion, neck and shoulder pain, loss of flexibility of the body, and therefore a sedentary life attacks are triggers.

Some medications that the person should use in his daily life are also evaluated. At the beginning of these are drugs used in hormone therapy, drugs such as sleeping pills, which you should consult your doctor and which should be regulated together with migraine disease.

What Are Migraine Symptoms?

Although the symptom of migraine is tried to be resolved with attacks, it is a disease that has different periods, and whose beginning and end should be evaluated as a whole. Ophthalmological options are at the beginning of the migraine attack. These previously felt findings are called auras.

Many factors such as sudden difficulty in seeing, the feeling of bright light, and the appearance of lightning are the harbingers of the disease. Stagnation in the person, psychological dullness are other factors.

Emotions experienced at the extremes of plus and minus, depressive state are seen as negative, while another person can be observed to be extremely cheerful. While there is difficulty in collecting words, this is due to excessive slowdown in thoughts on the other hand.

On the other hand, skin sensitivity is an important sign. The discomfort caused by the jewelry worn on the body, and the feeling of pity in the hair, face and teeth may accompany the body.

Nausea and vomiting, increased pain while the body is in motion also affect the person negatively and show their symptoms clearly. Along with fatigue, diarrhea, swelling in the neck, problems in appetite or excessive thirst and therefore frequent urination can be seen.

Sensitivity to light and sound may occur, but these sensitivities usually disappear within 24 hours. Among the rare symptoms, temporary weakness and paralysis can be observed, and this type of migraine is very rare.

Due to the fact that the patient is less sensitive in dark and quiet areas, it is normal for the patient to want to be alone and to rest away from the light.

Although the pain of migraine patients eases in a period close to sleep, these symptoms affect the person so much that they cannot be taken lightly, and over time, the attacks can suppress the side effects.

How Is Migraine Diagnosed?

The person who is suspected of having migraine should first be examined by a neurologist and should be re-evaluated after the MRI is taken. The reason for the MRI is to check whether there is an unknown disease that has not been diagnosed before.

After it is clearly seen that he does not have any other disease, the treatment is started after giving details such as how often the person is exposed to pain, in which region he feels the pain predominantly, what triggers it more.

In addition to these diagnoses, headache should not be confused with migraine. Although the two have similar features, migraine manifests itself with severe, unilateral pain that increases when the body moves.

In classical headache, vomiting is not seen and the duration of pain is not short and throbbing. Headache is not concentrated in one area. It does not come in the form of attacks and does not restrict the patient’s movements. Migraine is a more severe and difficult condition than a headache. The activities in the general life of the patients are relatively limited and challenging.

Migren Tedavisi İstanbul

How Is Migraine Treated?

For the treatment of migraine in Istanbul, the patient should know himself very well and shape his life accordingly. It is also a treatment method for a person who observes that he is affected by windy weather conditions and heavy cigarette smoke, to protect his life by paying attention to these. In addition, there are two methods of preventive treatment and pain relief treatment.

Medications taken to control nausea and vomiting can be effective in headaches, as well as depression and epilepsy drugs. However, since these drugs should be in harmony with the patient, a neurologist should be consulted, and another method is daily drug support before the onset of migraine pain.

These are drugs that are used regularly and an attack is not expected. The person who takes these into account completely starts to get results within a year. For people who cannot get any results, long-term relief can be achieved with botox treatment and injections into the muscles.

New treatment methods should also be evaluated, and with a cream taken from the nose, the pain is greatly reduced. The duration of Istanbul Migraine Treatment can last for 3 to 4 months, together with the frequency of attacks and the quality of life of the person. On the other hand, mothers who are not recommended to use drugs and who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor and use the most appropriate drug with a prescription.

In patients who cannot be given medication, relief can be achieved with the cream given through the nose, and you have the chance to get a quick response to the treatment. If the person gets his life in order, he will observe relief in pain, decrease in attack frequency and increase in quality of life.

You should consult your doctor for the correct diagnosis and, as a result, the correct treatment, and you should not take unnecessary medication. In order to speed up the healing process, you should determine your own living standards.

How to Tell if You Have Migraine?

Migraine, which is different from ordinary headache, is a neurological disease and its treatment is possible. Although it is a common headache in the world, it also negatively affects the daily life of the person.

What are the symptoms of migraine?

  • throbbing headache
  • Continuity of pain
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain aggravated by movement

We can list such symptoms as among the main symptoms of migraine. So, how can you tell if the current headache is migraine?

Headache type is unilateral, half, throbbing, increases with movement, and if these prevent you from continuing your daily life, there is a high probability of migraine headache.

These pains usually last between 4-72 hours. However, the diagnosis of migraine is a clinical diagnosis. In order for this diagnosis to be finalized, the patient must perform some neurological examinations.

What is the definitive treatment for migraine pain?

One of the definitive treatment methods recommended by doctors for migraine pain is pain relieving drugs. It is possible to get rid of high-intensity pain experienced in migraine attacks with pain-relieving drugs. It is very important to take the medications recommended by specialist physicians regularly in order to reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attacks. Medicines should be taken without interruption in the time and number specified by the doctor.

Which doctor should I go to for migraine?

Since migraine is a neurological disorder, it is necessary to see neurologists for treatment purposes. Neurology physicians can eliminate migraine by using modern medical methods for the treatment of migraine. Early treatment for migraine is very important. Advanced migraine is always more difficult to treat. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment process should be started as early as possible.

How is a migraine test done?

Migraine tests are performed by taking images of the brain through x-ray devices. This procedure, called MR, is widely known among people as it is used in all neurological disorders. With the migraine test, it becomes easier to determine the methods to be used in the treatment. It is very important to apply the migraine test at the earliest stage of the disease.

What triggers migraine?

Some foods are known to trigger migraines by causing migraine attacks. The first of these is, of course, delicatessen products such as sausage and salami. In addition, factors that trigger migraine include factors such as hunger, stress and strong light. Migraine is a structure that can be triggered at many times in daily life. For this reason, it is possible for people to trigger migraine even in the smell of perfume. In addition, alcohol and cigarette consumption are the main factors that trigger migraine.

What happens if migraine progresses?

The progression of migraine disease can cause many problems, from blockages in capillaries to structural changes in the brain. For this reason, it is very important to start the treatment of migraine disease before it progresses. Migraine is a disease that needs to be diagnosed early and treated as early as possible. Migraine, which cannot be treated in the future, can even lead to psychological disorders..

What happens if migraine is not treated?

It is known that migraine causes changes in the brain if it is not treated. Therefore, it is very important to treat migraine disease as soon as possible. Untreated migraine disease also causes the brain to work slowly and the abnormalities that may occur in the perception processes. For this reason, it is stated by experts that migraine should be treated as soon as possible.



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