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NeuroUp TPS New Method in Alzheimer’s Treatment | NTV News

Medizinische Universität Wien Austria Prospective double – blind randomized placebo – controlled crossover clinical trial Identifier : NCT03770182

PubMed listed publications – Neurology

  • Treating the brain at the speed of sound
  • Transcranial Pulse Stimulation with Ultrasound in Alzheimer’s Disease—A New Navigated Focal Brain Therapy
  • Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Enhances Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression through PERK/ATF4 Signaling Pathway

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Patient Comments

I found Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) to be very pleasant and uncomplicated. Since the treatment I have noticed many small improvements to my everyday life.
Patient A
After the first series of Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) treatments, we found an improvement in short-term memory of my wife. She has a renewed interest in her environment and is having longer conversations with myself, family and friends.
Patient B
After the first Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS) series of treatments, we found an improvement in my mother’s short-term memory. In addition, her mood is better and she is more relaxed. This enormously simplifies her and our everyday lives.
Patient C
Since the treatment, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my husband’s mental capacity. His general state of mind and self-confidence have also benefited.
Patient D